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Sekirei 110 & Special

Waited awhile to read these chapters.  The special chapter was actually more interesting than chapter 110 because it gave more useful information.  It showed the relationship between Karasuba and Natsuo.  It was a flashback to when they first met on top of the tower.  They both lost someone close to them and resent the world for what happened.

Karasuba & Natsuo

In chapter 110 everyone is returning from their special mission.  They’re informed that Uzume (No. 10) was terminated and Minato embrace both his wives.  Then it goes on to show that Miya (No. 01) is going to reveal the truth behind the relationship between Sekirei and Ashikiba.  We get to see nude pictures of Miya in this chapter.  This chapter wasn’t really that exciting and besides showing that Miya was No. 01 it didn’t reveal much information.

No. 01 - Miya

I’m expecting alot more interesting information in the upcoming chapters since it seems like Miya will be doing a flashback storytelling.

You can find the files at A-Team’s website.


Episode starts out with a bang.  The the savior returns to town and they have a huge party in which the captain got hitched by some weird custom.  The rest of the crew got gifts as well one of which is a rain stick which I found to be humorous.  The crew have some fun and makes light of the situation on board the Serenity even going as far as saying a “…special kind of hell…” is in stored for Reynolds if he takes advantage of the situation.

Mrs. Reynolds

This episode is a comic relief type of filler.  Normally I wouldn’t enjoy watching filler because I find them to be a waste of time but this episode was hilarious.  Everyone is having a little poke at the situation going from the Shepherd saying Reynolds is going to hell, the couple making fun of the newly weds, and Jayne even tried trading his best gun for the wife.  Halfway through the episode it became more serious and the girl seems to be up to something.  This episode also revealed some relationship that Inara have with the captain.  Overall quite a funny episode which I enjoyed.

The episode opens up with the captain telling the doctor to keep his sister quiet before she scares the cattle.  They meet up with their business partners to sell the cattle but was attacked by the sheriffs.  The doctor in the meanwhile gets kidnapped in town and brought to a “Salem” type of town.  Meanwhile the crew lifts off in search of help for the shepherd since he was shot.

Shepherd getting treated after being shot

The music throughout this episode was a mix of flute and guitar which reminds me of an irish or celtic type of cultural influences.  I like the way they mix up the different type of culture in this episode ranging from western ranching with sheriffs to Salem witch hunt.  It also gave us some insight to the shepherd, Rivers, and Simon’s past.  It seems like the shepherd holds some high position in the Alliance while there is concrete evidence now that Rivers have some telekinetic powers being able to read minds.  Looking forward to seeing those mysteries resolved.

So far I’ve liked most of the episodes and it gave me a good impression of the series as a whole.  Although just forewarn that the show was cancelled  and there are only 14 episodes plus a movie out before they pulled the plug.  The warning is so that you know ahead of time and won’t be too disappointed about the show being stopped and ending abruptly.  So far I’ll give the series a



The best horse that ever lived.  One of the few nonhuman Top North American athletes of the century.  What more can be said about the horse that haven’t been said already.  The movie was a classic disney with all its root for the underdog and happily ever after type of ending.  The movie started out with a sad beginning to show how the owner came to the possession of the best horse.  After the family’s death Penny wanted to take care of the farm for her dad’s sake.  Being in possession of the foal after losing a coin toss was how it was depicted in the movie.

Big Red being born

After going through alot of hardship the horse was able to get Horse of the year.  The movie was more focused on the human side to show the owner’s difficult situation and how she endured.  Maybe it was the acting, maybe it was the pacing, maybe it was the directing but I thought the movie did a bad job at depicting the emotional feel of either winning, losing, or enduring hardship.

Horse of the Year

The horse won “Horse of the Year”.  I think the movie tried to make it seem like a big deal but it didn’t feel that way as I was watching the movie.  The pace of the movie was a bit fast as well going from getting horse of the year and then switching over to the dad dying didn’t allow the audience to experience the mood.

Finishing the race

I thought the way they did the slow motion picture of the races was very good.  The way they showed each spec of dirt coming up to the jockey as the horse turns around the bend was realistic.  Filming of the horse race during the Kentucky Derby and Belmont was awesome.  I liked the way they debut the races as an actual races with all the commentary and the fan’s reaction to the actual races.

Secretariat and Penny at the end

The music scores to the movie was very well done.  It had a really relaxing and happy tune to it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the way it tries to capture the mood.  I thought the acting could of done a much better job.  I didn’t feel any emotional attachment to any of the characters as they cried or cheered.  Overall if you’re letting your kids watch the movie then its alright if they’re really young and just wants to see horses however if you’re watching it and want to envision what the actors are going through then the movie is a big disappointment.

I really expected alot from the movie to show the greatest horse that ever lived however it showed unnecessary events like the young kid’s hippie club rather than focus on the horse.  Overall I was disappointed and have to give this movie a

In a world where there are holographic billiards they somehow are able to throw 1800s czar type of parties.  The ones where women wear dresses that fans out at the bottom, huge chandelier hanging above the room, and buffet tables filled with strawberries and chocolates.  The crew gets to go to a party to find their employer for a job.  However during the party one thing leads to another and they get into gentlemen’s duel pictured below.

Duel among men

They went from western style to british style of fencing.  I suppose they’re exploring every culture which isn’t so bad.  I didn’t really enjoy this episode that much since it felt like a “filler” type of episode and didn’t really progress the storyline that much.

There is always an evil space race that kills and eat human flesh and we finally got introduced to the space race in this show.  They’re called Reavers which from their description are humans who were driven mad by surviving on the fridges of outer space by killing and eating people.

Reaver attacking an alliance officer

I don’t see how they’re so dangerous considering they die like any other but yet the crew especially Jayne seems to be terrified of them.  I guess thats what we’ll find out in future episodes I hope.  Oh yeah the crazy sister seems to have some sort of telekentic powers of some sort since she was able to tell that the reaver was in that room.

Freezing 04

The episode pretty much give some insight and hints as to what is causing Satellizer to be so hesitant to do the baptism with Kazuya.  It also introduces the 7th ranked 3rd year student, Ingrid Bernstein whose main motto is to not disobey school rules.  She has this mindset because her friend was killed by the Nova when the 1st year student broke rank and ran away.

Kazuya wants to help by being Satellizer’s limiter however she rejected that idea because “it feels really dirty.”  He still saved the day by freezing Ingrid and her limiter and allow Satellizer to take out the limiter.  Wasn’t sure which screenshot I should post whether it should be the Satellizer with towel around her, Kazuya’s freezing, or Ingrid’s Tempest Turn and I decided on the Tempest Turn since it glows :P.

Ingrids Tempest Turn

Alot of nipples and panty shots for all those perverts out there.  Actually those are in every episode >_<.  Its a pretty good episode overall since it explains why Kazuya is a good limiter for Satellizer (he can do freezing without an Ereinbar Set).  It also sets up the introduction of the higher ranked 3rd year students (can’t wait for Elizabeth and Chiffon).

I’m currently following 2 anime series right now (Gosick & Freezing).  The raws for them are released on Saturday.  Usually the subs are released late Saturday.  One revolves around mystery solving while the other is fan service fighting.  Going to watch Gosick and comment on it afterwards.

Victorique enjoying her snack

This episode is kind of boring since the crimes didn’t involve any of the characters.  We get introduced to the new exchange student which according to Kujo is the complete opposite of Victorique.  We also get a little peak at Victorique’s past considering her half brother called her a gray wolf.  I’m looking forward for her past to be revealed.

You can grab the episode here.

Very touching chapter.  After what Mirajane have gone through with her sister’s death I would of done the same to save those closest to me.  The chapter starts out with Natsu overcoming the God Flame and getting riled up to get revenge for his guild.  Then they switch over to Mirajane’s fight with Lisanna being held hostage for 3 minutes before the vines explode on her.  Mirajane goes all Succubus on the guy but still can’t beat him.

Mirajane's Succubus form

And her power is running out and in the last second before the vines explode, she hugged Lisanna and they both get exploded.  Its a very touching chapter with the bond they share and I hope she survives the series.  At the end we see Zeref all pissed off.

You can check this chapter out on mangastream.  Mangastream take down their links after awhile so you can go here if that happens.

The second episode of the series starts out with the typical western train heist but this time around they added in a spaceship into the mix.  I enjoyed this episode just because it gave more insight to the personalities of the crew.  For example Jayne Cobb the typical mercenary who only thinks about himself.  He was going to take over the ship and deliver the goods before his own ass is in hot water.  He was sedated by the medic and this was another realism that I was talking about before where if you were in that situation you’d either A) beat the guy senseless and tie him up or B) drug the guy.  This was down below where he is trying to grab angels.

Jayne all drugged up

I also like how the captain kicked the guy into the ship’s exhaust.  In a typical series the bad guy would always be spared and cause problems later into the series however this show took another approach and kill off the bad guy.  It was a good change where the captain isn’t always the goody two shoes and would kill to get his point across.