Saw the spoilers for 612.

Anyone else notices Robin’s zipper is down even more than usual or is that just me >_<.

It shows how Caribou escaped his barrel and what he plans to do with the mermaid he kidnapped errr mernapped.  Anyway it then show how Luffy and co. rides on Hoe to the palace and meet up with the big princess.  The king say that Zoro has already gone to palace and has started drinking.  Franky gone to look for Tom’s relatives.  Robin has gone in search of the ancient history.  Poor Sanji still recovering while not knowing that Luffy is bouncing on huge boobs.

Princess Shirahoshi has a cute charm to her looks as oppose to Hancock which have a mature hotness.  Only reason why I mention this was because they were comparing their looks after the Thriller Bark arc.  It seems like OP is giving more and more fanservice.  Nevertheless its pretty good chapter explaining what everyone is doing.

You can go here to read the manga.