Watching this movie right now.

When I saw the trailer for this movie it looked like a comedy with all the old stars coming together.  One of my friends said “this can’t possible be a real movie.”  We’ll see.  Maybe it’ll be like an Ocean Eleven type of movie.  Lets just say I’m expecting an action pack filled movie.

Ever heard of 2 and a half men?  Well this is 4 and a half men.  There are movies that are chick flicks and this movie is the polar opposite.  There are some light hearted jokes here and there that’ll keep a smile on your face.  With everything like hot women, guns, explosions, and bikes this is what one would call a man’s movie.

The aftermath of the explosion was an awesome scene.  Throw in some racist jokes, car chase scenes, alot of tattoos, body decapitation, hand to hand combat and the only thing you’re missing is a mortal combat fatality.  Oh wait thats covered.

The movie ends with some cliche explosion jumps, hero rescuing damsel in distress, and death of bad guys but hey what action movie doesn’t.  Overall its a pretty good movie that’ll entertain you with non stop action that is bound to impress.

I give this movie a