Yeah I got lazy to blog about every single episodes.  The series is starting to bore me considering how its unrealistic.  Here we got a detective that is basically stalking his daughter.  The father is a fucking moronic overprotective dad.  Does not seem like he have any actual job to do.  Seriously in a T.V. series where there is swearing, violence, and sexual intent I just don’t see how hitting the kids is not part of the series.

Then we got a gay white cop with a stomach girdle that is basically a douchebag to everyone and thinks he knows everything.  Hmm maybe it is realistic.

Then we got a detective that is married to a drug addict or that which looks like a moron.  The wife is an idiot and does stupid things and acts like a spoiled brat.  The only thing that is actually good in that household is the drug sniffing dog.

Only normal one would probably be the black detective that can’t keep a relationship because of her job.  And also the rookie cop that had a child tragic event that explains his aggressive behavior toward his father.  Notice how I can’t remember any of the character’s name.  Its because none of them is actually worth the time to remember the names.

Oh wait I do remember a name.  There was Dewey that is an alcoholic.  He almost killed his partner after she tried to turn him into his sergeant.

The plot revolves around two different “mysteries” to solve.  Sometimes they were intertwine but most of the time the detectives deal with one event while the cops deal with another.  There is some continuation to some of the events like getting the fat black girl in witness protection but most of them is just a new thing in every episodes.  The thing it does well though is it shows the event at the end of the show first and makes you want to watch the events leading up to it.  Aside from that most of the show is too stupid considering most of the people are douchebags or too messed up with their own problems that they can’t even do their own jobs.

I give this series a