Very touching chapter.  After what Mirajane have gone through with her sister’s death I would of done the same to save those closest to me.  The chapter starts out with Natsu overcoming the God Flame and getting riled up to get revenge for his guild.  Then they switch over to Mirajane’s fight with Lisanna being held hostage for 3 minutes before the vines explode on her.  Mirajane goes all Succubus on the guy but still can’t beat him.

Mirajane's Succubus form

And her power is running out and in the last second before the vines explode, she hugged Lisanna and they both get exploded.  Its a very touching chapter with the bond they share and I hope she survives the series.  At the end we see Zeref all pissed off.

You can check this chapter out on mangastream.  Mangastream take down their links after awhile so you can go here if that happens.