So I was recommended to watch Firefly, Blue Mountain State, and Eureka.  I proceeded to find out what it was about and it some about some futuristic space crew trying to survive.  Hey I enjoyed Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, and Andromeda so why not right.  Well enough blabbering and onto the review.

When you first watch this show you’ll notice a few things that set it apart from other shows of its genre (futuristic space).  The CGI animation is very well done.  It has a very realistic feel to it where you can actually see yourself being in this type of environment if you were from the future.  Another thing that sets it apart from other shows is its music genre.  It has a very western style piano with guitar music in most of the show.  Some people might not like it but for now I find it quite relaxing while watching the show.  The costumes in most of the show is western cowboy and classic asian oriental which fits perfectly well with the music.

The storyline is very good so far as well on how it introduces all the characters.  The mix of eccentric character cast on board the serenity is very diverse and amusing.  It ranges from the whore “ambassador” to the spiritual shepherd.  For example here we have Kaylee in her costume which reminds me of Chung-Li from Street Fighter.

Kaylee trying to get passengers

The only gripe I have with the show would be the acting on some of the cast.  I find them too docile at times when you as a viewer would of shot someone on the spot, they’re still talking and not taking action.  I think the acting for the crew could be improved and we’ll see as the series progress how that will be done.  Overall I like it but I won’t do a thumbs up or down until a few episode into the show since it can go either way but for now though my opinion of the show is positive.