The second episode of the series starts out with the typical western train heist but this time around they added in a spaceship into the mix.  I enjoyed this episode just because it gave more insight to the personalities of the crew.  For example Jayne Cobb the typical mercenary who only thinks about himself.  He was going to take over the ship and deliver the goods before his own ass is in hot water.  He was sedated by the medic and this was another realism that I was talking about before where if you were in that situation you’d either A) beat the guy senseless and tie him up or B) drug the guy.  This was down below where he is trying to grab angels.

Jayne all drugged up

I also like how the captain kicked the guy into the ship’s exhaust.  In a typical series the bad guy would always be spared and cause problems later into the series however this show took another approach and kill off the bad guy.  It was a good change where the captain isn’t always the goody two shoes and would kill to get his point across.