The episode pretty much give some insight and hints as to what is causing Satellizer to be so hesitant to do the baptism with Kazuya.  It also introduces the 7th ranked 3rd year student, Ingrid Bernstein whose main motto is to not disobey school rules.  She has this mindset because her friend was killed by the Nova when the 1st year student broke rank and ran away.

Kazuya wants to help by being Satellizer’s limiter however she rejected that idea because “it feels really dirty.”  He still saved the day by freezing Ingrid and her limiter and allow Satellizer to take out the limiter.  Wasn’t sure which screenshot I should post whether it should be the Satellizer with towel around her, Kazuya’s freezing, or Ingrid’s Tempest Turn and I decided on the Tempest Turn since it glows :P.

Ingrids Tempest Turn

Alot of nipples and panty shots for all those perverts out there.  Actually those are in every episode >_<.  Its a pretty good episode overall since it explains why Kazuya is a good limiter for Satellizer (he can do freezing without an Ereinbar Set).  It also sets up the introduction of the higher ranked 3rd year students (can’t wait for Elizabeth and Chiffon).