The episode opens up with the captain telling the doctor to keep his sister quiet before she scares the cattle.  They meet up with their business partners to sell the cattle but was attacked by the sheriffs.  The doctor in the meanwhile gets kidnapped in town and brought to a “Salem” type of town.  Meanwhile the crew lifts off in search of help for the shepherd since he was shot.

Shepherd getting treated after being shot

The music throughout this episode was a mix of flute and guitar which reminds me of an irish or celtic type of cultural influences.  I like the way they mix up the different type of culture in this episode ranging from western ranching with sheriffs to Salem witch hunt.  It also gave us some insight to the shepherd, Rivers, and Simon’s past.  It seems like the shepherd holds some high position in the Alliance while there is concrete evidence now that Rivers have some telekinetic powers being able to read minds.  Looking forward to seeing those mysteries resolved.

So far I’ve liked most of the episodes and it gave me a good impression of the series as a whole.  Although just forewarn that the show was cancelled  and there are only 14 episodes plus a movie out before they pulled the plug.  The warning is so that you know ahead of time and won’t be too disappointed about the show being stopped and ending abruptly.  So far I’ll give the series a