Episode starts out with a bang.  The the savior returns to town and they have a huge party in which the captain got hitched by some weird custom.  The rest of the crew got gifts as well one of which is a rain stick which I found to be humorous.  The crew have some fun and makes light of the situation on board the Serenity even going as far as saying a “…special kind of hell…” is in stored for Reynolds if he takes advantage of the situation.

Mrs. Reynolds

This episode is a comic relief type of filler.  Normally I wouldn’t enjoy watching filler because I find them to be a waste of time but this episode was hilarious.  Everyone is having a little poke at the situation going from the Shepherd saying Reynolds is going to hell, the couple making fun of the newly weds, and Jayne even tried trading his best gun for the wife.  Halfway through the episode it became more serious and the girl seems to be up to something.  This episode also revealed some relationship that Inara have with the captain.  Overall quite a funny episode which I enjoyed.