Waited awhile to read these chapters.  The special chapter was actually more interesting than chapter 110 because it gave more useful information.  It showed the relationship between Karasuba and Natsuo.  It was a flashback to when they first met on top of the tower.  They both lost someone close to them and resent the world for what happened.

Karasuba & Natsuo

In chapter 110 everyone is returning from their special mission.  They’re informed that Uzume (No. 10) was terminated and Minato embrace both his wives.  Then it goes on to show that Miya (No. 01) is going to reveal the truth behind the relationship between Sekirei and Ashikiba.  We get to see nude pictures of Miya in this chapter.  This chapter wasn’t really that exciting and besides showing that Miya was No. 01 it didn’t reveal much information.

No. 01 - Miya

I’m expecting alot more interesting information in the upcoming chapters since it seems like Miya will be doing a flashback storytelling.

You can find the files at A-Team’s website.