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Level E 08

New arc is starting.  Mikihisa and Satomi is going on a trip together.  There is a flashback that talked about the Macbac, an all female insect humanoid race, and how Princess Saki is looking for a groom.  The problem about this romantic scenario was that the groom’s race was always wiped out.  The planets were wiped out because the men can not reproduce anymore after having sex with the queen because of a virus that is transmitted by the queen to the population.  The three subordinates go ahead with their match-unmaking plans by telling them all of Earthling’s bad qualities to save Earth.

Princess Saki And Her Search For A Mate

Satomi left because she didn’t want to sleep in the same bed and as Mikihisa was heading back Princess Saki asked for him to marry her.   A funny scene with the interpreter trying to break up the relationship occurred afterward.  Santa Claus punched out one of the subordinate haha and the two lovers were seen running off.  As they were about to kiss,  they got interrupted and they informed the princess that Mikihisa is a girl.

Female looking for a mate?  Seriously sound like a hentai I watched way back when.  This is a funny episode with the way the three are trying to break up their relationship and save Earth.  Quite an unexpected ending haha.  Girl on girl action o_O?  I’ll update a more detailed screenshot later once Commie Subs or WhyNot release their version.

You can get the episode at WhyNot or Commie Subs when they’re available.


Chapter opens up with Ken trying to buy a bat.  Garugi have called the “4 white prince” to help them deal with Ken.  Also Bon Fuu also says that he isn’t Vietnamese but is Korean and the Garugi gang does not consider him a comrade.

Four White Prince - Garugi Calling In The Calvary

Meanwhile Ken is breaking into the Garugi headquarter and is ambushed by 7 gang members holding sashimi knives.  A funny explanation follows telling us why they’d use knives instead of guns or swords.  After knocking all the gang members out he enters a room with the “4 white prince.”

This chapter is kind of boring and didn’t really say much about anything.  Ken comes into the headquarter and pretty much kills everything as expected.  We’re also given a bit more information about Bon Fuu.

Most of the series is scanlated by Random Scanlations but since its kind of old I’m going to recommend reading it here.

Fairy Tail 224

Loki was able to take out all the humans that Capricorn summoned.  Capricorn then told him that he is using some taboo magic and then he transferred into Loki.  Before he transferred, Loki punched Capricorn with Regulus.  We’re seen a sinister face of Loki which means that Zoldeo has fused with Loki.  As he is thinking up ways to kill Lucy and enjoy his new body he was hit by Regulus in behind which defused his real body with Loki.  Capricorn then proceed to tell his side of the story where his master is Lucy.  The trio was told about Leo’s win over Capricorn and they have gained a new ally but because of the damage he sustain he is going back into the spirit world for recovery to the dismay of Grey who still needs a partner for the competition.

Leo Getting A "Light" Punch

You can read it on Mangastream.  You can also check it out here (once Mangastream takes the link down).

This chapter started out with Kazuya telling Rana that he is sorry to leave her alone but he was invited to go to Bali.  On the plane trip Satellizer questions Kazuya about why he have to report everything and get permission from Rana and he said that they’re all friends with each other.  She responded that she isn’t a friend of Rana and he said that only he knows her best and that Satellizer is really timid and nice underneath her cold exterior.  A limousine came by to pick them up to the hotel and Kazuya is all amazed at the scenery.  They meet up with Violet and a few funny scenes occur.  At the end we’re introduced to Louis and his limiter Holly Rose.

That Is The Type of Sister In Law I Want =)

This is just an introductory chapter for Kazuya with Satellizer’s family.  We get to know her sister’s name and also we get to see Satellizer’s brother.  A thing to note is that Satellizer and Louis’ limiter look almost exactly the same and she hates Satellizer by the looks of it.  Satellizer is scared of her brother as well.  We’ll see where this leads.

Its out and you can get it from FTH-Scans

Chapter opens up with Ken hiding from some Asian guy (they’re all Asian huh o_O) with black hair from some southeast Asian country because he thought that he was from Garugi.  Ken then enters the pub that was all messed up and meets up with Miss Ryu (head prostitute) who sold off Ji-Hui (the girl that Ken saved in the previous chapter).  Miss Ryu blames Ken for the Garugi’s retaliation; however Ken received some words of encouragement from the old man afterwards.

Words Of Encouragement Always Lighten The Mood

Scene switches over to Bon Fuu a Vietnamese guy who is part of the Garugi gang that Ken met at the beginning of the chapter.  Ji-Hui is getting tortured by the gang and is they’re using her as bait to get Ken.

This chapter shows the gang’s retaliation against the pub and sets up the setting for Ken to attack their headquarter.  It also shows Bon Fuu which will probably be one of Ken’s antagonist or maybe another recruit.  We’ll find out soon enough.

Most of the series is scanlated by Random Scanlations but since its kind of old I’m going to recommend reading it here.

Freezing 08

Woot finally episode is out.  The story continues where it left off and we’re shown Satellizer, Rana, and Kazuya in the infirmary.  Satellizer starts to give Kazuya a verbal lashing about him knowing his place and not butting into problems he cannot solve.  Although she sounded harsh she was just worried about him getting hurt.

The three (Kazuya, Arthur, and Hiiragi) starts to talk about the prom and the Pandora Queen contest.  Elizabeth was the previous winner of the contest and we’re shown a glimpse of her.  Elizabeth and her gang of 3rd years are talking by the pool (damn she loves being naked huh) about how they’ve lost to Satellizer so they’ll leave her alone for now.  Atia said she can torment Satellizer without actually fighting her.  Satellizer wanted to apologize to Kazuya about her lashing when she saw Rana meeting up with the group.

Feeling Her Breast - mmhmm Nice And Soft ^_~

The Pandora Queen competition isn’t in the manga.  Kazuya meets up with Satellizer to go with her to the party and we’re shown a nice groping.  Atia meets up with Kazuya and Satellizer and challenge her to a duel and said they’ll settle it with the Pandora Queen competition.  Sister Margaret isn’t at the party because she is coordinating with the military to deal with the dimensional phenomena.  This is important because it sets up the storyline for the upcoming episode about the Nova invasion.

All the girls are wearing very revealing clothes for the Pandora Queen competition.  Satellizer got some encouraging words from Rana and Kazuya but is all nervous and is very moe on the stage.  The contest ends 5th place as Ganessa, 4th place is Rana, 3rd place is Atia, 2nd is Elizabeth, 1st is Satellizer.  Atia is plotting something afterwards….stupid video got cut off >_<.

All Hail The Slut Queen ... Errr I Mean Pandora Queen

Sweet was able to use the neighbor’s network to continue watching the videos.  Atia is telling the other girls to make Satellizer wear a very revealing outfit during the crowning to humiliate her.  Satellizer wore it on stage and was all embarrassed when it starts to become transparent and Kazuya came to rescue by freezing everyone in place and running off with her.

This episode is all filler and all fanservice and it didn’t really progress anything story wise but hey more boobs isn’t bad right.  So somehow he faints when he freezes 3 chicks but yet he can run away after freezing thousands of people at the party?  Enjoy the fanservice while it last and next week we’ll have a storyline episode probably about Cassie.

This episode can be downloaded from WhyNotHiryuu Hiryuu, and Hatsuyuki when they’re available.

The episode starts off with the result from last episode.  The elder said he is certain that he killed a wolf and not that man.  Victorique found acorns around the man that was shot.  Victorique found the proof that she needed and the three hide behind some pillar in the church to catch the perpetrator.  The inspector came by to arrest Derek Banks and everything was solved.  The three were thieves who had an internal quarrel so Derek killed them and tried to cover it up.  The elder told them that the village isn’t a village but the country of Seyrun and he is the king.

Back at the inn the nun was helping the inspector keeping an eye on Victorique.  Victorique is going to use Ambrose and Kujo to help clear her mother’s name.  She explains how Harminia framed her mother and killed elder Theodore.  The reason behind that was because Theodore predicted that Harminia would die in 20 years during the festival.  She killed him because she didn’t want to die.  Elder Sergius ordered for her head to be chopped off but Ambrose told her to run away.  She lit the village as well as the only bridge leading to the outside world on fire.  She wanted to kill Victorique but Kujo was fighting her instead and in the end Ambrose came to the rescue and knocked her off the bridge.  As they’re running across the bridge it collapse and Kujo was about to fall to his doom when Victorique grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

Awww Victorique Just Wants To Be Together With Kujo

We’re shown Cordelia and Brian Roscoe on top of a cliff looking over the village.  Victorique explains in the carriage that the country of Seyrun was used in the ancient times.  There was a race of people that was small and not physical but because of their intellect, they were able to defend against invading forces and these people were called Seyrun.  At the train station Ambrose asked Kujo why they asked the village elder the same question.  When they were heading back we’re shown Victorique’s red bruised hands.

I very much enjoyed this chapter just because it went into great depth about Victorique’s past.  She was able to prove her mother’s innocence however it seems like her mother isn’t dead yet.  This raise more questions than it answered like what is the relationship between Brian Roscoe and Cordelia.  It also brought the whole arc to a closing and it was very well done.  Maybe Ambrose will join the school and be a regular.

As always you can grab it from Derp or Hatsuyuki when they’re available.

This chapter just took a 180 degree turn from what it used to be.  It changed from being all comical to “adult” oriented.  Not really suited for work >_< (well you should be working at work anyway).  Ji-Hui was getting harassed (thats putting it nicely) by the gangs that destroyed the old man’s stall back in chapter 1.  Ken being the hero of the series came in to stop them and kicked their asses and then ran away through the backdoor.    They met up with the old man and found out that he closed his stall because that gang held a grudge.  He didn’t blame Ken though and even provided Ken and the girl a place to stay.

Ji-Hui Thanking The Hero

We also found out that those guys are from the Garugi gang.  Ji-Hui wanted to “thank” Ken for helping her but he refused by saying that he already have someone he likes.  He also told her that she isn’t defiled and the chapter ends with him walking out probably to gather up his gang and kick the Garugi’s asses.

Up to this point everything have been comical and upbeat and this is where the main theme of this manga will be shown.  There will always be some sort of antagonist in a story and this is just the first group of antagonist that the guys have to overcome.  Considering that these guys were introduced so early I’d imagine they’re easy pushovers that shouldn’t cause any problems.  Hope not anyway…

Most of the series is scanlated by Random Scanlations but since its kind of old I’m going to recommend reading it here.

T&T Ideas

I need some ideas on what to write about on Tuesday and Thursday.  Right now I’m filling those two days with random manga that gets released and I’d rather have a schedule of what to be expected.

Gosick comes out on Fri

Freezing on Sat

Fairy Tail on Sun

Level E on Mon

One Piece on Wed

Edit:  Actually I have my movies on Tuesday so that only left me with Thursday as my free day.  Its not so bad I can use that day to go back and edit all my older posts.

Ken meets up with Yumin (every time I say that name I keep thinking about Lumen from Dexter) and asked her out to lunch which she agreed.

Yumin Checking Out The Time - Why Do Chicks Wear Their Watch Inward

He starts talking about how he is working at a video game company and the geeks sitting behind him starts to make fun of him and say that he probably doesn’t even have an office nor a job (which is all true ^_^).  Yumin wanted to visit his workplace so he agreed and told her to come visit it tomorrow.  Ken is all pissed so he follows the geeks back to their place of operation (they’re gold farmers).  He asks Jung Tao to help him with taking out the trash (he didn’t really need the help) and he kicked the geeks out.  He also encouraged them to make a real MMORPG with a gang type of environment and thus he have found his new headquarter.

I like this chapter just because it talked about the MMORPG geeks.  It also sets the group up with a headquarter that they can use as well as introduce the main heroine of the series.  Its pretty funny chapter with the way they describe the game and its environment and Yumin is pretty hot so check it out.

Most of the series is scanlated by Random Scanlations but since its kind of old I’m going to recommend reading it here.