I’m looking forward to this episode since it should dive into Serenity’s past and how the crew came together.  Episode starts out with a melancholy music with an injured Reynolds.  It then flashed back to when Zoe was first introduced to Serenity and Reynold talking about finding a crew.  After a short celebration, an incident occurs and Zoe got hurt trying to save Kaylee.  River stated a grim reality while trying to cheer up the shepherd she said “…you’re afraid because that we’ll die gasping for air but we won’t.  That won’t be happening.  We’ll die freezing first.”  The ship can’t be fix so the contingent plan is four to a shuttle with two available shuttle and the captain going down with the ship.

Serenity with two shuttles on the side

The violin background music fits perfectly with the despair that the crew is feeling at the time.  The crew returns to save the captain in the end and we got a happily ever after ending.  The emotional stress, despair, and misery were perfectly portrayed in this episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it.