I started reading this a little while ago and I like the manga so far.  In this manga everyone have a special power with their eyes.  Most new kids have the eye powers except for our protagonist which is an “Iris Zero.”  It means he has zero eye powers and because of this he used to get abused verbally and physically by his peers as a child.  Growing up he has developed a low exposure motto to keep himself safe from everyone.  Low exposure that is until one of the most popular girl in school confessed to him.  See how he can keep himself safe by keeping his exposure rate low yet at the same time be friends and solve all the mystery surrounding the school.  I like this manga because the mystery can actually be solved by the reader if they pay enough attention to the little details.

In this chapter they followed their new friend which lead them behind the gym.  There was a boy that was confessing to Kuga however it does not appear to be so clear cut.  There was a black butterfly near her, he has a devil’s tail behind him, and an X above his head.  The trio gang have to find out how to keep their friend safe.

Butterfly, X, and Devil's Tail

This chapter was pretty interesting since it showed how the trio combine their powers to keep their friend safe.  Toru also showed some interest in Koyuki by keeping her away to keep her safe.  We’ll see how Toru solve this mystery.

You can read the chapter from Ala-Atra Scans or Simple Scans .