Opens up with the Shepherd talking about Shun Yu as well as an interrogator talking about the works of Shun Yu.  It seems like Wash is jealous of the relationship between Zoe and Reynolds.  Inara has a female client and everyone seems surprise.  Reynold and Wash have gone to sell the medicine that they stole in the previous episode but was ambushed.  They’re having a conversation during the interrogation and Mal is trying to keep Wash awake for the rescue party.

Reynold & Wash being electrocuted

The crew is rescuing their captain and I like the way the Shepherd puts it “…quite specific, it is however somewhat a bit fuzzier the subject of kneecaps.”   I find the Shepherd to be a very amusing character remarking on the doctor’s shooting skill.  He said “…I was there son, I’m pretty sure you have not shot anyone yet.”  Pretty good overall rescue operation episode.