Reynold met up with one of his old friend as well as his misses who surprisingly turned out to be Saffron (from earlier episode).  Inara got into an argument with Reynold regarding her lack of work.  The crew listened to Saffron regarding the heist that she can give them to make them rich.  Everything go as planned and they got into the prototype laser gun room.

Laser Gun Room

After Saffron left Reynold stranded on the rock planet all naked as well as making the Serenity unable to meet up at the rendezvous point she went to pick up the gun.  However Inara was waiting at the dump spot and got the loot ahead of her.  The doctor found out what Jayne did and said some words to make him not afraid of the brother and sister anymore and told him to trust them.  Alright episode but nothing really interesting.  What I do found interesting was whether River was telling the truth when she said she can “…kill you with with my brain.”