Its mail time for everyone!  Jayne got a hat from his mother and commented with “what did y’all order a dead guy for.”  Looks like they’re reminiscing about their old war time.  They got a message from their dead friend to bring his body back to his parents.  While they’re returning his body they were chased by an alliance ship which demand that they give back the body.  They wanted to do an autopsy to find out what their dead buddy was hiding.  While they were cutting up the body it came to life.

Old war friend

After their friend came back to life he told them why he was dead in the first place.  After being cornered they were forced to give up and allow the alliance to board Serenity.  However thinking the crew betrayed him, the guest took Kaylee as hostage.  The crew was forced to shoot him to save Kaylee and was able to intimidate the alliance to leave them alone.  The old war buddy died in the end and the crew returned his body to his parents.  This gave an insight to the old war times and explored the kind of relationship that the captain had with his subordinates.