The chapter starts out with the organization saying they’d keep a close eye on Satelizer (she was able to come back from Nova form).  The two teachers were surprise about this and hinted that Kazuha (the protagonist’s sister, I always get them mixed up as well) went through something similar and they should of learn from their mistakes.  Meanwhile the entire group is enjoying a huge party after their hard earned accomplishment.  Elizabeth and Satelizer is having a drinking contest.  One thing leads to another and Kazuya have to carry her back to her place…surprise?

Satelizer laying in bed drunk

Alot of sexual innuendo in this chapter and I like it.  Alot of fan service but aside from that not much was discussed.  I guess they explored a little about Kazuha’s past and thats something I’d like to see.  The little boy have to man up and take what is in front of him.

You can check out the chapter from FTH-Scans.