Show opens with an Islamic melody at a whore house.  There appears to be a raid at the whore house and the guy took some DNA from some pregnant woman.  The head whore called up Inara for help and Inara asked the rest of the crew.  Everyone wanted to help except for Jayne until the word whore was used.  After they got acclimated and introduced at the house the captain went into town to size up their opponent.

Nandi at the whore house

After he got back with Inara he suggest that everyone run however Nandi would refuse to leave her home.  Seeing as how she was so passionate about it the captain stays to help.  After fortifying the house the captain “enjoyed” his time with Nandi which resulted in Inara weeping alone in her room.  The intruders as well as Nandi was killed during the fray and the baby was saved.  Inara wants to leave the ship at the end of the episode.

I guess its an episode to further develop Inara’s character.  She needed to discover her true feelings and does not want to hurt anyone in the process as well as not wanting to change her mind if she stays.  On one hand she is in love with the captain but on the other hand she has to keep her distance from him.  Its a good episode to explore Inara which didn’t really get much screen time throughout the series.