This episode is basically all about River.  The crew is starting to unravel her secrets little at a time.  After scaring everyone with a gun River was confined in her quarter and the crew had to figure out what to do with her.  After Kaylee mention how River can shoot three targets without looking they finally figured that she got special powers.  The episode then changes to a black man that is intruding onboard the Serenity.

Early threatening to rape Kaylee

He takes out everyone with ease as if he can read their minds.  He made Simon help him search for River.  After going into the cockpit of the ship, River started talking with Early saying that she have become one with Serenity.  She finally then tell Reynold a plan and to trust her.  She also tell Early that nobody wants her onboard the Serenity and it is better for her to leave with him.  She got him to leave the ship however Reynold hits him into outer space.  River returns to the ship and shares a moment with Reynold and she went back into Serenity with her new family.  This episode really explored River’s situation as a whole both beneficial and detrimental.  They really opened up alot of possibility with this episode exploring both River and the Shepherd’s situation.  Please check out the Serenity post for more information on the movie.