This looks like an interesting enough manga so I’ll check it out.  There are 12 chapters out so far but since I haven’t read any I’ll start with chapter 1.  Looks like this manga is about some guy living with his maid who survived a village annihilation from 11 years ago.

Chapter 1 Cover Page

Something to note is that this manhwa is read from left to right.  Starts out with a teacher and and a student in the bedroom.  I’m already liking this chapter.  To sum the whole chapter it seems like there are people from S.E.P.A who are looking for survivors from the incident that happened 11 years ago.  These survivors all died when they move out of town however they all survived if they stayed in the same town.

Phantom group that help eradicated "Evil"

They mentioned that the military didn’t stop the incident and that the “Phantom King” stopped the “Evil.”  The maid and Sung-Min does not want anything to do with these people.  The drawing is nice but nothing spectacular, the plot is interesting, so I guess I’ll explore this manhwa a bit more to see if it is interesting or not.  Although the plot seems to be really dark and horrific there are some comical part which lightens the mood like when the maid explain why they didn’t move away.  It is pretty good so far.

The scanlation team that brought you this manhwa is called Dredshi but they changed their name to Scantily Clad.  Their online manga reader is located here.