I’ve been watching WhyNot’s subs since its released sooner.  I’ll check out Whine-Subs and Hiryuu Fansubs (released on same day) so I can compare which one to download.  I don’t really like the fat font that Why Not uses.  Overall I’d go with either Whine-Subs or Hiryuu.  Whine-Subs uses the the first uncensored version while Hiryuu uses the second I believe (the second is in 16:9 but only the OP and ED is in that format while rest is 4:3 with black screens on the two sides).  Some of Hiryuu’s timing was kind of awkward in that the subtitles disappear too fast sometimes before you can read the whole thing without actually staring at the subtitles.  Hiryuu uses a “better resolution” file than the others so its recommended to use their releases eventhough its a bit slower than the other two.

Anyway the better of the three and the place you should download your episode is here.

PS:  Because of the comments made I went back and rechecked the episodes for the two fansubs and in the end I still picked Hiryuu because the image quality looks like its sharper.  Please drop a msg if you think otherwise.  All three fansubs are great and I hope anyone that read these post would greatly appreciate the amount of free time that they put into their work.

Hiryuu (Left) & Whine-Subs (Right)

Hiryuu and WhyNot released episode five the earliest and I’ll update the other fansub groups appropriately when they’re released.  It was a pain to find WhyNot’s website just because its not listed on Baka-Updates.  I’d suggest they update their website listing on baka-updates if they want more people to visit their website.  Anyway I felt I didn’t give WhyNot a chance in my last Freezing post just because of their font so I’ll look over their videos and write my opinion of their subs in this post.

When you first open WhyNot’s video you’ll notice that their OP and ED isn’t as nice as the others.  They even stated on their website that they’re looking for people to help with it.  When comparing speed, both fansubs (Hiryuu and WhyNot) seem to be released almost the same time; however the picture quality seems like it is sharper in Hiryuu’s releases.

For some reason the big font from WhyNot’s releases REALLY bothers me just because I have to keep my eyes focus on the bottom of the screen and not on the actual movie.  I like the translation done by WhyNot better just because it seems to be easier to understand; however, they do have some grammatical errors just like Hiryuu.  Maybe it is the big font where they can’t fit everything on the same line or maybe it is just not used to timing but I find it harder to read the WhyNot’s subtitles in a continuous fashion.  For example when Kazuya and Satellizer was on the rooftop and they were talking she said “Just like I thought…” and “You’re okay. I think…” it was too fast to read that.  I mean I read fine because I’m used to it but those should of been together or something just so I can read it as slowly as I want.  Overall though I found WhyNot’s videos to be fast and stable but it just lacks timing and finesse.

Hatsuyuki released their episode five of Freezing on Monday which is two days after the others.  Their timing for the subtitles is quite fast in episode five as in the subtitles go on and off screen really fast (ie you’ll need to be a fast reader).  They also capitalize alot of words that does not need to be capitalize.  They don’t write out the “arimasu” phrase that Rana usually use in her sentences.  I’m not sure if that take away any important but I think those little quirks that each character does adds on their personality.  Overall though their translation is pretty good and is easy to understand.  The font that they use is very easy on the eyes.

Whiner-Subs haven’t release 05 yet so I can’t comment on their videos.  I’ll update the post whenever it is release.