I got my hands on a high definition version of this movie and it was amazing so far.

The movie opens up with the explanation of the Alliance and the Independence and how they went to war.  This however was all inside of River’s dream.  Simon is breaking River out of the lab however this turns out to be part of a recording that was being watched by one of the Alliance employee.  This really reminds me Inception where they delve into a dream within a dream.

Recording of River and Simon escaping from the lab

The employee kills everyone with a sword like a ninja, its pretty cool the way he kills the guy that allowed the siblings to escape.  The scene switches over to the Serenity where they’re prepping for a job.  Reynold and Simon got into a heated argument on the issue of using River during the robbery.  River left with the captain and the crew to rob the bank; however, during the robbery Reavers started attacking the town.

Random Reaver

They escaped back onto the Serenity where Simon proceeded to punch the captain for putting River in such a dangerous situation and he wants out of the ship.  The graphical enhancement like making the exhaust of the futuristic car all wavily from the heat was great.  These little details add to the realism of the movie.

Serenity landing

They meet up with Fanty and Mingle to finish up with their job and get some new ones.  During their negotiation River entered the bar and watch a subliminal cartoon.  After some flashbacks she started attacking everyone in the bar.  The choreographer during that fighting scene did a splendid job.  She almost kills Reynold before Simon entered the bar and put her to sleep with a fail safe phrase.  More fighting upon the Serenity ensues but not before Reynold cuffed up River to be on the safe side.

River kicking ass

They met up with the Shepherd who gave Reynold some word of wisdom as well as a safe haven from the Alliance.  They hear back from Inara who met up with the Alliance assassin from the beginning of the movie.  Mal meets up with both Inara and the assassin from the Alliance.  After Inara sets off the flash bomb, both was able to get away back to the Serenity.  River escaped from her cuffs and went assassin mode on the crew after some relapses of her past.  The sound effects from the flying buzzard of the corpse to the engines ramping up as well as the sound of outer space was very good.

Arabian town where Inara is staying

They found the Shepherd dying.  Words of warning went to everyone who has sheltered the crew to “get out now” but images of their deaths showed it to be too late.  After a short conversation with the assassin, Mal forced the crew at gun point to turn Serenity into an abomination so they can fly through Reaver territory.  They reached the Miranda after a slight pause that felt like eternity.  The slight pause, the meloncholy melody, the feeling of anger and resentment was shown to the audience with great effects.

After visiting Miranda, they found corpses of people just lying down.  Then they came upon a message that explained the existence of Reavers that the parliament did not want to get out to the public.  The use of rotating the camera around was something new I haven’t seen in awhile.  The uses of light and dark imagery and lighting while near the beacon and on Serenity really showed the imagery of good and evil.

Beauty and the beast

Even in a dire situation, Walsh was able to make me laugh by assuring me he is “…a leaf, he is the wind.”  The Reavers attack and Kaylee puts up a strong front saying “to hell with this, I’m going to live.”  These comical relief was needed since there were so few and sparse throughout the movie.  Only inconsistency I found was how did that black assassin get to Reynold without going through the crew.

Alliance and Reavers space battle

One hell of a movie.  Everything was splendidly done and I think if these effects were done during the TV series it would of lasted much longer.  I thought the acting was so much better than the TV series as well.  Great way to wrap up the series.