The episode starts off with Rana ready to leave her village.  Scene switches over to the student studying about the freezing capabilities of both Nova and the limiters.  Satellizer leads Kazuya to the roof and tells him that he is the only one that can touch her without making her feel awkward.  She wants him to be her partner but she doesn’t want to perform the baptism.  We get introduced to one of Satellizer’s cute habits of eating alot of hamburgers.

Rana Deflecting the Volt Weapon

This is where it differs from the manga a bit where instead of heading into town to meet Rana, Kazuya meets her at school and brings her to the principal’s room.  He meets up with the other two 1st year and they started talking about the “first night” and we’re shown Satellizer trying to figure out which dress to wear for the occasion.  Hiiragi, Arthur, and Kazuya starts to get beaten up by some upperclassmen.  He freezes the whole group but faints afterwards but because Rana’s stigmata reacted to Kazuya’s freezing she was able to find them and she proceeded to beat up all the upperclassmen.  Scene switches over to Satellizer meeting up with the group in the hospital and Rana finds out that she can’t have Kazuya as her limiter.

Although there is a difference between the manga and anime, I think that both gave the same results.  They did kind of hinted that the students are harassing Kazuya for retribution because he is partnered up with Satellizer which is a bit different than how the manga portrays it.  The scene was meant to introduce Rana as a Pandora as well as having Kazuya faint to go to the hospital for Satellizer’s “first night” with him.  I like this episode just because it sets up the 3rd year hazing which gets us closer to the introduction of Elizabeth and Chiffon.  It also shows some of Satellizer’s quirks like her dressing antics and her love for hamburgers.  Also it proves Arthur does not have any balls >_< I mean com’n even if you’re drunk.

This episode can be downloaded from WhyNotHiryuu, Hatsuyuki.