I’m surprise this episode was released on Friday night.  Anyway I was able to watch it on Friday but I’ll hold off on releasing this post until Saturday when I can get a hold of some better resolution videos.  But to save myself time I’ll start the post and add in the pictures afterwards.

The episode starts out with Victorique helping Kujo find the book that the new exchange student have hidden in the library which is like looking for “leaf in a forest.”  Victorique was able to deduce where the book was hidden.  After leaving the library and talking to the inspector he was knocked out from behind.  Avril found him and when he woke up he suspected that Avril have stolen his book; however, he later found that the teacher had the book.  Scared away by the ghost he later told Victorique what happened and she instructed him to return to the storehouse to “help the ghost.”

Victorique explaining the imposter

He found the real Avril, rescued her, and hurried back to the library to save Victorique but he was almost killed by the 2nd Phantom Thief Kuiaran and was saved by Victorique.  Victorique and Kujo were bonding toward the end of the episode.  The face that Victorique made was pretty cute.  I found the correlation that they made between Victorique and the Golden Fairy was similar.  It seems like the Golden Fairy just wanted some friendship and that was what Victorique found toward the end of the episode.  She said that does not show herself to strangers and thought Kujo would be her friend or more than friend the first time she laid eyes on him.

As always you can grab it from Derp or Hatsuyuki.