The chapter opens up with Wendy trying to heal both Natsu and Marakov.  However she seems to be having problems healing them and Marakov told her to cure the sash around Natsu (the one that turned black from Zeref).  The pages switches over to Elfman and Evergreen who is being attacked by Rustyrose.  He is a Celestial Spirit mage similar to Lucy so Evergreen figured that their main weakness is the summoner so she went for the kill.  He had a surprise for Evergreen and attacked her with a long claw arm.  The scene quickly switches over to Zeref who seems to be taken down by Ultear.

Rustyrose attacking Evergreen

I was disapointed with this chapter just because there was too much fighting and not enough story telling.  The comic relief from Evergreen and Elfman was funny to see.  I don’t think Zeref will be taken down that easily and he’ll probably rise up and destroy Ultear.  I am interested in seeing why he is angry and if he is friend or foe to Fairy Tail.

You can read it on Mangastream.  You can also check it out here (once Mangastream takes the link down).