At the beginning they were explaining the relationship between Phantom King, Pair Ghosts, Wraiths, and the Baldus.  It is a bit confusing so I suggest you take your time to read the beginning carefully.  It seems like they want to create a situation which would bring about compatible survivor’s powers.  Also they hinted that the Phantom King left the village because of some romantic relationship.  Scene switches over to the school where they’re discussing about the upcoming festival.  Then we meet up with Eun Sung-Min, agent from S.E.P.A, and No Hayun which I think is one of the compatible survivor.

Teacher on top of student (I wish I had hot teachers)

Scene changes to the festival at night where Park Ju-Bin and the maid went off to try and win some rice.  Sung-Min met up with the agent and their other agent who turns out to be the teacher that Sung-Min seduced in chapter one.  They started talking about the Compatible Survivors and how Evil is sealed within the Memorial Stone.  The teacher proceeded to plant mental mights all around the stone.  Toward the end of the chapter Evil started to come out of the stone and we’re left with a suspense.

Its funny how all the female characters have figure eights body proportions (big breasts and ass).  There isn’t any complaints from me =).    Anyway we got a background story and hints about who the maid (I think she is Wraith, the one that created Phantom King) and that the Sung-Min is the new Phantom King.  Its pretty good episode with a little bit of comic relief from the maid, serious plot background from Baldus employees and fanservice from the teacher.

Again remember to read from left to right.  You can read it online at Scantily Clad’s online manga reader.