I would like to eventually compare the different fansubs group that sub this series so I can offer my opinion on which one I prefer.  There really is only two different fansubs, which are Derp and Hatsuyuki.  I’ve been watching Derp just because it was released sooner however both are released fairly quickly.  I’ll keep updating this thread to compare the two after they’re released.  Derp released the episodes pretty early compared to the other fansubs however there were some grammatical errors in their subtitles.  The font that they use in this episode is different than the previous few like episode one or two and if you’re an avid collector I’d recommend collecting from the other fansub group just for consistency sake.

Hatsuyuki just released their subs for ep five so I’ll be checking that out tonight.  They’re about two to three days behind Derp.  Derp spells the main heroine’s name as Victorique while Hatasuyuki spell it as Victorica.  Hatsuyuki also write out the French numbers as they sound while Derp write it in english.  I thought that Hatsuyuki made use of the comma a bit too much and that their sentences were really long.  This isn’t an english class, the sentences does not have to be always have to be fancy and really long.  You don’t need to go out of your way to make use of three or four commas in one sentences.  Overall though their translation is legible; however, I find them long winded to read and sometimes it would take me a second to take in what I read.

The way Derp translate things is a bit more crude and short.  Everything seems to be written like the way they’re spoken.  Its not grammatically correct and it might hit a nerve or two if you read it too many times.

I like both group’s OP and ED very much.  The font that they use isn’t anything fancy and its easy on the eyes and I find the font that Derp uses about the same in readability.  Hatsuyuki is consistent in all of their releases with using the same font while Derp changes every episodes.

Overall though I’d probably like to watch Derp just because it is faster.  If you’re willing to wait the extra two days then you should watch Hatsuyuki just because the subtitles are more consistent and the translations are better.  Thats just my opinion though anyone can chime in if they think otherwise.