There is alot of fighting in this chapter.  Chief Choe got eaten by Evil and Kim was shooting it frantically.  Sung-Min transformed into a humanoid Evil and started destroying the other Evil.

Sung-Min killing Evil

After taking care of the enemy Sung-Min faints like what every other typical hero does after a hard earned battle.   They’re reunited with the maid in the hospital and she is furious.  “A look that can kill” can pretty much sum up how the maid feels and she told them to get out.

This chapter gave more insight as to what an Evil actually look like.  It is also the start of the pulling Sung-Min into the Phantom group and we’ll see how both he and his maid deal with the situation.

Again remember to read from left to right.  You can read it online at Scantily Clad’s online manga reader.