So I was checking out some more manga to read and came upon this page from Chess Isle.  This page was in chapter one and it shows some of the word usages in manhwa.  I knew some of the words like Oppa, Unni, and Sunbae just from reading Unbalance X Unbalance but some of them I didn’t know like Nim and Hyung (I just thought that was a last name >_<).  Anyway check it out its pretty cool.  The scanlation team that made this was Easy Going Scans.  I wish they’d make their banner point back to their homepage.  I was going to write about their different scanlated manhwa but after looking over two or three of them I didn’t really like the vertical color styled manhwa.  I didn’t like the manhwa themselves and this have nothing to do with the group scanlating them so if you like the manhwa you should definitely head over to their website and check them out.  Nevertheless this honorific page is pretty good and useful.

Alot of manhwa are breaking into the manga/anime market and alot of them are VERY good like Freezing so mind as well learn and get used to the Korean culture.

Korean Honorifics