The chapter starts out really emotional with the maid telling Sung-Min the reason why she choose to be with him.  Scene switches over to the UN building where all the countries are interested in the humanoid Evil.  They also introduced us to Spectrum which I think is the US equivalent of Baldus.  Kim and Choe talked about how they’re stationed there to find more compatible survivors.  Switching over to Sung-Min who got poked by Hyun-Ju with a popsicle stick.  After a little playful talk about their lack of a relationship Choe enters the picture.  Choe said that he doesn’t want to force Sung-Min to do anything and only ask about his welfare.  He did comment about how sooner or later Sung-Min’s powers will either help or harm his friends.

Offering Drinks

They have a small party and Hyun-Ju left with her boyfriend.  It started to rain and they started kissing and feeling each other up until they started talking about marriage.  Hyun-Ju said she wants to think about it but Kang Woo Hyung heard differently.  He got all pissed with veins coming out of his face.  Chapter ends with Choe seeing an ominous blue clouds which is a sign of Evil.

This chapter was pretty upbeat for the most part with the jokes going about Sung-Min and all the ladies.  There are some fanservice int his chapter as well for all the perverts.  It also ends on a darker note with the boyfriend turning into Evil.  It also gives a hint that Evils might be telepathic.

Again remember to read from left to right.  You can read it online at Scantily Clad’s online manga reader.