Got a bit too excited after reading the spoilers from AP forum.  Cover page of Makino (girl with green and black hair at the beginning of the series working at the pub where Shank and Luffy was introduced) with a child.  The group tied up King Neptune and his army.  There is alot of halarious scene that happened afterwards like Nami asking where the treasury is located, Soul King wanting to sing, Usopp going back to his cowardice state and tell everyone to run, and Zoro acting as if nothing is his fault and said “whats done is done.”  Haha I can’t wait for the chapter to come out.

Nami couldn’t get the log pose to lock onto a location and the left ministry said to untie him and he can explain the reason behind it.  Fukaboshi called and Zoro picked up the phone and Zoro said he isn’t letting them into the palace.  Pappag said to tie him and Camie up too so that they wouln’t be counted as accomplices.  Also found out Zoro’s new bounty is 160 million.  Zoro made a list of demands like getting the Thousand Sunny coated and ready as well as asking for all his crewmembers (the way he describe his crew members was funny).  Fukaboshi also told him Jimbie’s message which is to not fight Hodi and that he’ll be waiting at the Forest of the Sea.


Hilarity Ensues Everywhere The Strawhats Go

The scene switches over to Chopper and Sanji where we’re introduced to Chopper’s Kung-Fu Point.  The guard demand that they go to the palace and Sanji asked if the princess mermaid is at the palace and said that they’re going there.  Scene switches over to Luffy and the princess and he is asking her where she wants to go.  She is being hesitant in telling him although she wants to go to the Forest of Sea.  A spear is heading toward the princess and King Neptune demand that the crew go save her.  Brooks wants to go see her panties so off he goes with the right minister.

Apparently Luffy got a plan to sneak the princess out of the palace since she is so big.  The sound that was hitting the palace wasn’t spear but actually human pirates.  Also Luffy’s bright idea was to put Princess Shirahoshi in the shark’s mouth and for it to carry them to the Forest of Sea (somehow the shark got gigantic).

Ryuuguu Palace

This chapter is awesome.  Jokes upon jokes even in a time of crisis.  This is what One Piece is all about I love it.  Aside from being funny this left a great deal of speculation as to who is the father of Makino’s child.  Also left the audience asking why Jimbie told Luffy to not fight Hodi.  Enjoy the funny chapter.

You can check out the chapter on MangaStream or here.