The chapter starts out with Sung-Min hanging out at Hyun-Ju’s house with her family.  The mother ask him to go look for her since it is raining alot.  He is having naughty thoughts about what Hyun-Ju is up to and does not want to disturb their fun.  After some coaxing from the mother he agrees to go look for Hyun-Ju.  Meanwhile Kang Woo is reading all of Hyun-Ju’s inner thoughts and is scaring her.  He was about to kill her until Sung-Min punched him.  The agency came to help and we get introduced to Noh Ha-Yeon (gawd I hate trying to pronounce and actually remembering their names), one of the female compatible survivor in the group.  Well actually she appeared in previous chapters as well but in this chapter she actually showed us her panties ….errr I mean fight.

She starts to kill everything in sight and was given orders to kill the host if necessary.  All the Evils merge into the host thinking that the group wouldn’t harm the host; however, Ha-Yeon attacked and plunge her sword into Evil’s hand.  Sung-Min yells and say that Kang Woo is still alive.

I think this girl is going to be one of those hard to crack at the beginning until someone stronger shows her up.  And since we all know that the main character is the new Phantom King he’ll probably overpower her and so she’ll be more of a support role for the main character.  She’ll probably train him on how to fight and use her powers and what not until he becomes more powerful than her.  I think….

Again remember to read from left to right.  You can read it online at Scantily Clad’s online manga reader.