I came upon this movie when I was searching through the list of new dvd releases.  This movie is suppose to be a horror movie about the beauty of youth and the the horror of vampires.  It has VERY good reviews on rottentomatoes and I expect a movie that’ll keep me in suspense and give me a shock or two.

Let Me In - Cover Picture

My expectation for this movie is very high and I hope it does not disappoint.  I really enjoy these types of movie where it is started in the middle of the movie and we have to keep thinking what kind of events could of happened to lead up to that situation.  Some of the scenes were really dark and I suppose that is to add to the evil nature of the movie.  I did very much enjoy the music and sound effects that were used throughout the movie.  The biting effects, bone snapping, tree climbing, kissing, slurping, and slicing were all very grotesque and it added more to the whole atmosphere of the movie.

The date is March of 1983 and the scene starts out with an ambulance speeding down a mountainside with a patient who was covered in acid.  The scene switches over to the hospital where a detective is talking to the patient.  The detective is called out to a phone call and was talking about some little girl, meanwhile the patient jumped out of the window but before he did so he wrote down “I’M SORY ABBY.”


Acid Man's Dying Message

The scene is changed to two weeks prior where we’re introduced to one of the main cast, Owen.  After having dinner with his mother he was spying on all of his relatives while wearing a “Jason mask” and repeating, “are you scared little girl.”  He saw the little girl moving into the apartment and she wasn’t wearing any shoes.  Owen is getting bullied at school by three boys and we now know why he kept on repeating the phrase “are you scared little girl.”  Owen and Abby met in the playground however she said that she couldn’t be friends with him.  The scene changes to the first kill victim.  The old man who was accompanying Abby was stalking a man in his car and killed him in front of a passerby train.  After killing him he drained the victim of his blood however the blood was spilled when he slipped.  Owen heard some arguments through the wall.


First Victim

Owen meets up with Abby again in the courtyard and commented how she smelled funny.  Abby is then on the hunt and we’re showed how she looks in vampire mode.  After the old man disposed of the body the two met up again and Abby asked whether she smelled any better.  More bullying ensues and Owen confided in Abby and Abby told him to fight back and to “hit them as hard as he can.”  Owen also showed Abby how to talk through the walls using Morse code.  He took her out to the arcade and gave her candy but she became sick because of it.

Vampire Face

The scene is changed to Abby and the old man in the house getting ready for his next kill.  There is a touching scene where she consoles him and it made me think that they’re not father and daughter or even servant and master but more of a lover relationship.  He was in the car to kill his next victim when the passenger found him and they got into a car accident.  In order to hide his identity he pours acid over his head.  He is then transported into the hospital and this is the scene at the beginning of the movie.

Acid Man In Hospital With Abby Outside Of Window

Abby visits him in the hospital and kills him.  She then visits Owen and needed his permission to enter his room.  Owen was quite happy of himself after standing up to the bullies.  He wants to thanks Abby for her advice so he took her to his secret place where he wanted to make a pact.  This took a turn for the worst and she went vampire mode after seeing Owen’s blood.  After running out of the room she attacked the female neighbor.  Owen was quite distraught after seeing what Abby was capable of.  After visiting Abby in her house, Owen was showed some old photograph of Abby and a young boy with glasses (probably the old acid man).

Old Photograph

A scene in the hospital showed what would happen to a vampire if they were exposed to sunlight.  Abby visits Owen in his home and showed him what would happen to a vampire if they were not invited into other people’s houses.  The detective that was on the murder case is investigating Abbey’s home and he was killed in the bathroom.  Abby left that same night after kissing Owen goodbye.  In the pool, the bullies torment Owen and Abby save him by killing them.  We’re left with a scene where Owen is on a train and was doing Morse code onto a suitcase.


Owen Staring Into His Future

The acting was superbly done throughout the movie ranging from the older actors like the acid man to the younger actors and actress like Owen, the bullies, and Abby.  When I was watching Air Bender one of my friend commented how “kids can’t act” after I said how the movie sucked balls.  Well in this movie “kids” can act perfectly and I greatly enjoy how they made me feel like I wanted to punch the bullies, embrace Abby when she was sad, or run away from her when she has a taste of blood.

Overall the storyline was kind of expected like how they gave plenty of hints at Abby’s true nature.  I kind of already expected the ending, half way throughout the movie when Abby shared an emotional moment with the acid man in the house before the car crash.  I kind of expected Owen to take the old man’s place toward the end of the movie however what I like about the movie was that it kept me watching even though I expected the ending.  I like watching the plot unfolds throughout the movie and see how Owen overcomes the bullies and the path that he took to be with Abby.  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and would have to give this a