Ha-Yeon kept on attacking Kang-Woo however Sung-Min wanted her to stop thinking that Kang-Woo can still be saved somehow.  He released his Evil Spirit and breaks Ha-Yeon’s sword.  He then proceeded to reason with Kang-Woo however Kang-Woo’s Evil spirit grabbed Sung-Min and was about to squeeze him to death.  Acting on survival instinct Sung-Min’s Evil spirit attacked Kang-Woo and killed him.

Kang-Woo Hyung dying

Some mourning occurs after his death followed by a funeral.  Sung-Min took Kang-Woo’s death pretty hard considering he caused his death however everyone tries to console him.  Chapter ends with him on top of the school’s roof meeting up with Ha-Yeon.

I thought this chapter was pretty lame.  Everything was all typical and nothing really interesting really got introduced.  We got a bath scene with Ha-Yeon but thats about the only good thing that came out of this chapter.

Again remember to read from left to right.  You can read it online at Scantily Clad’s online manga reader.