The episode starts out with Kujo and Avril walking and talking in the marketplace.  Avril mentioned how supposedly there is a gray wolf and not a golden fairy that live up in the library.  Afterwards they witness a failed magic show and followed by a theft at a nun’s shop.  Victorique solved the problem when Kujo mentioned it to her, which the inspector gladly took the credit.  Kujo read in the newspaper about how the Gray Wolves clan was having their descendants meet together in a village.  Kujo brought it up to Victorique and while she was walking with a book she fell.  After some bickering from both sides, Victorique became mad and she doesn’t want to see Kujo anymore.

Victorique's Pouting Continues

Kujo saw Victorique moving about at night behind a suitcase and one thing lead to another they ended up on a train to Horovitz.  In Horovitz the innkeeper mentioned how he kept the dead bird hanging to keep away the Gray Wolves who are human with golden hair and puffy cheeks and are short in stature (ie Victorique).  At night Victorique ended up talking about her past and how she wants to clear her mother’s name.  They came upon the village where everyone was threatening her until the elder came out to greet them.

I like this chapter just because it starts to dive into Victorique’s past.  So now we know she is some nobleman and a dancer daughter.  However she is also connected to the Gray Wolves Village somehow and we’ll see how she is going to clear her mother’s murderous name.  We also see Victorique opening up to Kujo a bit more in this episode.  I’m also interested in how the nun is connected to all this maybe she is the mother o_O.  I’d probably download Hatsuyuki version on this episode just because it was out faster as well as having good translation.

As always you can grab it from Derp or Hatsuyuki.