Episode four wasn’t as funny or as interesting as the other three episodes.  It started out with four students playing poker who witnessed a murder.  They saw an alien eating a female student but were too scared to do anything.  After talking things over on the rooftop they decide to find out who was the possible culprit and try to avoid them since nobody would believe them.  They narrowed it down to three possible people (why is it always three in every mystery) and they decide to end their detective activity before anything bad happens.  One of the boys went missing and they got all scared so they decide to call Ango to ask for his advice.

Mr. Alien Meet Mr. Hippie 😛

Ango sent them to another place and to respond with “Level E” to talk to a doctor.  The doctor told them about aliens but in order for him to help them they’d have to pay an absurd amount of money.  After they decide to leave, one of the boys went missing so they returned but this time with their parent’s jewelry as payment.  The doctor sent the two boys to another floor for protection where they met up with the other two.  After some conversation they found out that the aliens would only kill females.  They all left and they realize that even if they know something they sometimes can’t do anything about it.  The scene switched over to the Baka Prince who was proposing this story to one of the producer, as an elaborate plan to convey to earthlings that aliens exists.  It ended in failure :P.

The drawing was the first clue that this was some sort of story within a story.  The lack of humor was another clue.  I didn’t really enjoy this episode just because of the lack of humor.  Hopefully they’ll come back to the main storyline and make me laugh some more.

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