I wanted to work on a new anime for a while now and after going through all the new anime I decided to blog about “Level E” because the drawing looks nice.  I might decide to work on another series sooner or later but for now I’ll stick with this one because it has an interesting background.  Who isn’t interested in aliens (everyone know they’re out there…. :P) and this series is about how they’re all over the earth and the only one that does not know about them are humans (aka Men In Black).  Since I just started watching this series I’ll start with episode one and work myself up from there.

My first impression of this anime is that it is hilarious.  The way the alien was trolling Tsutsui Yukitaka was funny as hell.  Definitely something I’d like to keep watching.  Tsutsui is a baseball star moving from Tokyo to play baseball at his new high school.  He meets up with the alien who broke into his apartment soon afterwards.  After a few laughs and trolling the alien told him about his story which Tsutsui thought was all made up.

Tsutsui Getting Trolled

Soon afterwards the alien jumped from the 5th floor building to save a cat.  He was able to regenerate and healed all his wounds as well as the area around him.  The episode ended with him getting his alien artifact back, which showed his true self, which is a snail like creature that can mimic anybody.  This anime is quite funny and I’m kicking myself right now for not picking it up any sooner.  I’ll continue to blog about it in next couple of days to get caught up.  The show is aired every Monday at 10:00 A.M PST so it should be subbed on the same day or on Tuesday usually.

You can get the anime at WhyNot.