It got all serious at the beginning but the alien’s trolling continues after explaining about his “true self.”  The neighbor came by after some laughter and wanted to help after finding out that he was an alien.  The alien left out of boredom and they found him at a cafe.  Meanwhile three aliens came to earth in search of “Baka.”  They met up with the Disckonians, an aggressive alien race, to ask for help in search of Baka.  Back at the cafe the alien told them two about how he saved some woman.

Baka Telling Them His Heroic Act

He got them to agree that he did the right thing….well until they found the dead body.  They all ran back to the apartment where they met up with the three aliens from before.  They found out that he is a prince who was headed to a conference that could decide the fate of the universe.  Also the person that the prince killed wasn’t human but was actually a Disckonian, which freaked out the captain just a bit.

The funny scenes continue to pile up.  The captain was half serious and half funny with the way he acted.  I figure that the Disckonian will probably want revenge in the next couple of episodes so we’ll see where this lead.

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