Kidnapping….Is that a crime for aliens?  This episode is a parody of “Power Rangers,” including their stupid transformations and poses.  Five kids were kidnapped (beamed onto spacecraft) and told that they have to defend Earth.  After getting their powers they found out that the teacher was an alien.  The prince showed them some weapons and spells that would help against the assassin.

Prince Baka's Sophisticated Explanation

They ended up asking the teacher for help to kill the Prince of Dogura.  The teacher said that they should try to take him down themselves first.  The prince told them that he’ll play the role of the Demon and in order for them to remove the wristband they’d have to defeat his subordinate and get the key.  They’re too weak to do that right now and have to level up first.

Again I didn’t really enjoy this episode just because it was really childish.  The jokes weren’t as funny as before and the show is lacking right now.

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