Sung-Min was talking to Ha-Yeon on the rooftop.  She explained to him that she fights because she has the power to fight and asked him why is he running away.  They also talk about how all the compatible survivors share the same Phantom King’s dream.  (Damn I keep thinking about Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech >_<).  Anyway she fights because she has the power to stop Evil and she does not want to run away.

Sharing Their Dream - Plus Panty Shot ^_~

In-Soo - Third Compatible Survivor

The villagers were told to stay in their houses because of the incident. Sung-Min is talking to Hyun-Ju in her vegetative state saying that he’ll protect everyone in the village.  The agency has a new place of operation in the village and they’re talking about the third compatible survivor.

Ju-Bin introduces Sung-Min to In-Soo who is another compatible survivor with one arm.  They talk about being able to materialize an Evil spirit but Sung-Min lied so that he can In-Soo safe and out of the conflict.  In-Soo said that if he has the power he’d use it to fight.

This chapter is pretty boring.  Its a chapter of self discovery for Sung-Min regarding what he will do with the situation.  Hearing that everyone who has the power to fight would willingly do so, I believe he’ll join the agency and help defend the village.

Again remember to read from left to right.  You can read it online at Scantily Clad’s online manga reader.