Elfman was able to grab Rustyrose’s arm and transform his own arm to the claw that Rustyrose was using; however, Rustyrose blocked it with a shield that was formed from his other arm.  Elfman’s intention was to not grab the arm but to steal his glasses, which he was able to do.  Evergreen was then going to petrify him but Rustyrose had another pair of glasses on.

Have A Taste Of Your Own Power

He revealed that his magic is the power of imagination (Sounds like spongebob squarepants >_<) and being able to materalize anything he wants.  He then beat both of them and forms the tower of god, which caught both of them.  Both of them shared an emotional moment while Rustrose made them “Scatter into the Darkness.” The tower got destroyed but we don’t know if Elfman and Evergreen survived or not.  Scene switches over to Natsu who smells the scent of the guy that he met on Garuna Island.

These guys from the other guild have pretty OP (overpowered) powers.  We’ll see how they deal with this situation and hopefully they don’t do a DBZ/Naruto on us where they go rawrrrrrrrrrr power over 9000 and hit the enemy like nothing.  Hopefully they’ll actually use conventional powers that they have to beat Grimore.

You can read it on Mangastream.  You can also check it out here (once Mangastream takes the link down).