Kazuya woke up with Satellizer face right beside him.  He said he was sorry that he missed his first night with her but she said it was all right since it was technically their first night.  I was kind of disappointed with the way they did this scene.  She should have been a bit more shy or comical in her reaction and I think the anime is making her out to be too stern or serious all the time.  As expected Rana join the 2nd year in Satellizer’s class and she chose to sit next to Satellizer.  After learning about changing clothes, Rana and Ganessa had a duel during PE class.  Rana wins but the teacher stopped her before the fatal blow was dealt.

Rana's Version of Falcon Punch

Scene switches over to Kazuya where he was asking his friends about Satellizer’s past and how she got the name “Untouchable Queen.”  Rana was having a “lovely-dovey” conversation with Kazuya and told him to call her “Rana” instead and not add in the suffix until Satellizer interrupted.  Satellizer called him up to the rooftop to share him hamburgers and told him to drop the senpai from her name.  The 3rd year student Atia coerces Rana into fighting Satellizer by telling her that Satellizer forced Kazuya into being her limiter for his powers.  They ended up fighting to see who would be Kazuya’s partner.  Their fight scene was insane with both using high level techniques like Double Accel and advance martial art techniques but Kazuya interrupted the fight and told Rana that he insisted Satellizer to choose him as her limiter.  The third year shows up to finish off the fight.

This episode followed the manga exactly and we ended up having the two best 2nd year students duking it out.  Next episode would probably be the 3rd year beating the crap out of them and the following would be them returning the favor.  This episode was kind of nostalgic bringing back the Wings of Light from Gundam.  Overall I like the development happening and having Kazuya standing his ground and saying Satellizer is the only girl for him.  Enjoy the fight scene.

This episode can be downloaded from WhyNotHiryuuHatsuyuki.