And it starts the arc with the asshole half brother.  Alot of color pages in this chapter for some reason.  No complaints from me.

Blonde All Tied Up

Satellizer woke up from her previous night’s ordeal.  She got an email from her sister, inviting her and her friends to come visit at a resort.  She contemplated on whether Kazuya would agree to come with her or not and decided to go swimming to get over the hangover.

Satellizer Asking Kazuya To Come With Her To The Resort

She saw Kazuya and Rana at the swimming pool.  They were discussing what they would be doing for the one-week break.  Rana have to stay at school to get her Stigmata checked out since she just transferred while Kazuya is staying at school because he doesn’t have anywhere to go.  Satellizer and Kazuya have lunch afterwards and she invited him to Resort Bali owned by the El Bridget family.  Its a pretty cute chapter with Satellizer acting all shy to ask Kazuya out to the resort.  It all goes downhill from here though folks for this whole volume =(.  Well not really downhill just going to get you really ticked off.  Oh well enjoy it while it last.

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