In this chapter the trio started to carry out the idiotic plan that Ju-Bin made.  She wanted to put candles in three different places in the building and after which they’d meet up together on the rooftop.  In the middle of carrying out the plan, Choe called Sung-Min and told him that an Evil phenomenon has occurred at the school building.  Everyone in the area is affected and will create an Evil spirit if they have any negative thoughts.  Up on the rooftop In-Soo who has become possessed by negative thoughts and was scaring Ju-Bin because he thought she only hang out with him because of pity.  The semi-rape scene reminded me of the La Blue Girl hentai :P.  Anyway Sung-Min came to the rescue and punched In-Soo’s Evil spirit.  Pretty boring chapter and everything is kind of cliché.  Evil thoughts occur and hero rescue damsel in distress.

Clash of the Evil Spirits...

Again remember to read from left to right.  You can read it online at Scantily Clad’s online manga reader.