I think I’ll start blogging about this manga after I’m caught up with Phantom King (already caught up just releasing it daily).  This manga is about a Japanese guy chasing a Korean girl back to Korea and his dream was to be a police officer; however, luck has it that he ended up being the boss of a Yakuza group.  The drawing for this manga is really nice.  There is a lot of humor, blood, and violence, which reminded me of GTO.  They added the girl of his dream as well so there is a bit of romance.  Anyway here is a cover page of the manga and we’ll work from there.

Sun-Ken Rock Cover Page

There was also another manga that I wanted to blog about but I can’t remember its name.  It’s about a locksmith that is also a pervert.  It has the same GTO feel to it as well but I can’t remember its name.  If anyone know what I’m talking about and can respond that’d be awesome.

Chapter one starts out with the background story of the main hero of the story and how he wants to chase the love of his life back to Korea and become a police officer with her.  He dropped out of school and moved to Korea; however, being an underage teenage dropout he couldn’t exactly get a job.  He met up with Yumin and lied to her about finding a gaming job.  While depressed there was an old man that gave him free food; however, there was a group of Yakuza that took down the shack and beat the old man.

Sun-Ken Rock Declaring The Start Of His Journey

Sun-Ken defended the old man but the gangster yelled back saying that there’ll be retribution but this did not weaken Sun-Ken’s resolve.  There was three other Yakuza that was looking at Sun-Ken’s performance and said to “bring him in.”

I really enjoyed this chapter with the whole GTO impression.  It’s pretty interesting and we’ll see how he paves his path to become a police officer.  The drawing reminds me of Fist of the North Star (I know its really old) and it brings back memories.  There is also some comic relief as well which I really enjoyed.  Not to mention the drawing the chick is cute so I like it so far.

Most of the series is scanlated by Random Scanlations but since its kind of old I’m going to recommend reading it here.