The episode starts out with the group of five elementary kids trying to figure out how to remove their wristband.  They were told to obtain a key.  They went to the captain to get the key and they had to play a charade with him (since he hates the prince as well) and they were finally able to get the key.  They don’t know how to use the key and asked for assistance.  The captain as well as the teacher did not know how to use it as well.  The captain got pissed off and called back his two subordinates and one of them told them how to use it and the hint told them to say the name of the person they like.  Three of them were able to do it but the red one did not want to get rid of his bracelet.  The white one was a prick and couldn’t remember all the girls he likes.  The next day they all met at school and were transported to a RPG planet and encountered a lot of monsters.

Boy With Balls On Chin

The monster that they killed had balls on their chin (South Park reference).  They came upon Tarsting Town and an old man told them to head to a castle where the king lives which triggered an event.  The Demon Knight was seen heading toward the castle and they agreed to wait until they’re level 30 or more before they engage him.  They’re actually having fun leveling up and after they have gotten past level 30 they start heading toward the castle.

It was a dull episode with the kids playing an RPG game with some humor thrown into the mix.  They’re getting into the act with playing the five rangers and hopefully more humor can be used because its not really that funny so far.  The South Park reference was pretty funny though if anyone caught that little detail.

You can get the anime at WhyNot or Commie Subs.