The chapter started out with a lot of bickering between Sung-Min and In-Soo.  Then the agency came about and Sung-Min asked them to distract him while he continues to talk.  He figured out that since In-Soo is a compatible survivor he is able to control his Evil Spirit unlike Khang-Woo so if he can just regain his conscious he will be able to come back to reality.  After more talking In-Soo was reminded that he was the same as everyone else regardless of his handicap.  Everyone have Evil within them so he isn’t any different.  Sung-Min also decided to use his powers from now on and not run away anymore.  After everything is back to normal a part of the floor broke off and Ju-Bin was about to fall off so In-Soo formed an Arm out of Evil Spirit to save her.

Arm Spec, Nice View BTW

A lot of bitching back and forth in this chapter.  It was kind of boring but at least it starts the whole idea of Sung-Min joining the agency to fight Evil.  This will help move the story along and have more insight into his past as well as the maid.  Kind of sad that I’m more interested in the maid’s past rather than whats happening right now, maybe it is because its really boring right now.

Again remember to read from left to right.  You can read it online at Scantily Clad’s online manga reader.