Middle Men Cover Page

This movie is about the people that brought porn to the Internet.  Interesting eh ^_^ (Don’t lie to me everyone have watched porn at one point or another).  What can I say; sex sells and any movie that is about the sex industry will sell.  I thought the plot line was there, I mean everyone is interested in sex and I’d really like to know how my playboy magazines came about onto the Internet in its infancy.  There were a few things that the movie did wrong though like its lack of humor or lack of good humor (I don’t really want to watch two retards fighting like 4 year olds).

The focus of the movie wasn’t what I really expected out of the movie and wasn’t very enjoying.  The mafia and drugs are boring and should be left back in the 50s.  The acting was subpar or maybe it was the directing that made me not enjoy the movie.  I didn’t really like any of the characters in the movie and if you’re not enjoying watching them on the screen what is the point of watching the movie.  It’s like watching a movie full of retards, evil plotters, and selfish money launderer.

The movie starts out with Jack Harris narrating and complaining about how he had to meet up with the Russian mafia.  He then explains how he is very good at mediating and setting up business for people.  And this is the reason how he end up together with two retards that brought porn and the Internet together.  Buck and Wayne created a program that allows people to subscribe to online porn by inputting their credit card information through the Internet.  Their customers demanded some new content on their website so they head to their nearest strip clubs to talk to the Russian mafia.  After some threatening, quarreling, and business negotiation they were given new strippers for their website.

New Strippers From Your Friendly Neighborhood Russian Mafia

They made a lot of money but spent it all on hookers, drugs, and partying.  Meanwhile Jack was successful in helping one of his friend’s club businesses.  He was then recommended by Jerry to help with Bevis and Butthead errr I mean Buck and Wayne’s situation.  Jack thought up of a business plan to create 247 Building to be the middlemen for the porn industry and for the consumers.  He paid off the Russian mafia however Ivan  (one collecting the money) died in the process.  After dumping the body he had to deal with the mafia again.  He paid them off as well as paying Jerry $200,000 to not be part of the business and their 247 Building skyrocketed in profit.  Jack was introduced to Audrey Dawns during one of his big parties.  Jerry also introduces Buck and Wayne (going to call them B&W from now one) to Danny Z so they can go into business together.

Audrey Dawns In a Sexy Pose - YES that is a cameltoe

While having sex with his wife he had thoughts of Audrey, which stopped their relationship.  He moved in with Audrey and had a pretty good life until Jerry, Russian mafia, and FBI came into the scene.  The FBI wanted help from Jack to track down terrorists group who go through his websites to look for porn.  Meanwhile Danny Z who was setting up underage pornography on their domain duped B&W.  They knew this was a crime and was very nervous when Jack was talking to the FBI.  B&W went to Jerry for help concerning the situation and also ended up telling him about the Ivan situation.

Jerry and B&W Discussing Business

After resolving some family issues Jack found out about the underage pornographer.  He went to Danny Z’s place and shot his foot and also realize he wants his family back.  He met up with the FBI who gave him a thanks for helping them getting rid of the terrorists as well as warn him about the underage pornography.  B&W, Jerry, and Russian mafia kidnapped the maid’s son to make Jack pay a ransom.  This was the scene at the beginning of the movie where he was delivering the money.

Russian Mafia Counting Money

They forced him to sign paperwork that would sign over his share of the business.  He signed the paperwork with a prior year’s date (so he does not have to go to jail for underage pornography).  He reconciled with his wife again and happy ending for him while the rest of the people got screwed.

I thought the idea behind the movie was quite interesting but the way they did the movie was a buzz kill.  I believe they tried to do too much at once and ending up failing in all assets.  They tried to make it a comedy, documentary, and drama but failed to produce and capture its audience.  I wouldn’t recommend watching this and would have to give this a