This chapter is a lot of reminiscing about Ha-Yeon’s past.  Her parents died in the incident 11 years ago and she was taken in by the agency.  She saw the Phantom King 11 years ago all covered in blood.  She thought he looked like Sung-Min and wanted to talk to him in the past but was always interrupted by the maid.  This is quite a funny scene actually when she was younger and trying to get Sung-Min’s attention but was interrupted every time.  They went to get ice cream and “black coffee.”  It was quite a funny scene with their whole explanation as to why he wanted ice cream and why Ha-Yeon was rude to the maid.

Ha-Yeon's Logic Of Supremacy

After eating her lunch she received a call from the agency.  Back at the agency they’re tracking an Evil Spirit, which is leaving town at a fast pace as if it was on a bus.  Scene shows another girl with a dog.

I enjoy this chapter more than the recent ones just because of the backstory and the comic relief.  I don’t really enjoy all the fighting scenes that much and this backstory into Ha-Yeon was a good start.

Again remember to read from left to right.  You can read it online at Scantily Clad’s online manga reader.